Music And Guns

I wasn’t sure whether to categorize this under “Music” or “Guns.”  Someone has created an MP3 player in an AK-47 magazine.  Some interesting pictures on that page (and the MP3 player is kinda neat too smile ).

Link via Slashdot, where, unfortunately, the anti-gun idiots have come out of the woodwork in the comments section.

Update:  The woman in the picture is committing one of the three mortal sins of gun handling.  Thanks to Bitter Bitch for reminding me about this in the comments.


  1. Bitter Bitch says:

    I object to those pictures.  She has her finger on the trigger.

    Yes, I am that much of a dork.  I don’t even notice the bikini or strategic shots next to certain areas.  I only noticed the finger on the trigger.

  2. I noticed that she had her finger on the trigger this afternoon, but I didn’t think to say anything about it at the time. 

    Dork?  No.  I do the same thing all the time.  I hate trying to pick out movies at the video store because the atrocious gun-handling on the covers of the boxes distracts me from the movies themselves.