Meth Madness and Hayfever

I know it will seem hard to believe, but even with all its pain-in-the-ass record-keeping requirements, the new Federal pseudoephedrine law seems marginally better than the Texas one.  Or so it seems to this frustrated allergy sufferer. 

Before this asinine law was passed, I used to buy the generic stuff at Sam’s in 30-packs.  That was very convenient, as it was approximately a month’s worth (it was also a lot less expensive at about $18 for 30, compared to the $10-or-so I pay for a box of 10 now).  Now, the stores following the Texas law appear to be tied into some kind of database that keps you from buying or possessing more than about 10 Claritin-D 24 pills at a time.  I don’t know this for certain, but I do know that after buying a piddling little 5-pack at Wal-Mart, I tried going to Target and was told that I couldn’t have any, as it would put me over the limit.  This was becoming increasingly frustrating to me, as it prevented me from keeping any extra on hand.  I pretty much had to run out of them before I could buy more. 

Now one of the local pharmacies is observing the Federal law.  The Federal law limits you to 3.6g of pseudoephedrine per day, or 9.0g per month.  As it happens, a 10-pack of Claritin-D 24 is 2.4g, so I can at buy one per day, up to the monthly limit.  30-days of Claritin-D 24 would be 7.2g, so at least I can accumulate a month’s worth.

Regardless, though, this situation sucks.  I can almost buy a gun with less paperwork (the pharmacy clerk had to fill out almost as much info as is on the 4473; all that seemed to be missing is the set of yes/no are you a felon/fugitive questions).  I can certainly buy ammo with less hassle.  I asked the pharmacist if I could get a prescription and get around this nonsense.  The answer?  Nope.  Prescription doesn’t matter.  I’m tempted to ask my doctor for a prescription for Allegra-D.  At least with that I can get it online from my drug plan in 90-day increments (delivered right to the door without nanny looking over my shoulder).

And if I hear one more idiot droning on about how “It’s For The Children™” I’m going to slug them.  Right after I finish blowing my nose…


  1. Wesley says:

    And people still call this country the “Land of the Free”…

    I’m not even free to buy cold medicine anymore.  We are no longer the country of freedom and liberty.

  2. Frank Flanagan says:

    Can you tell me where to read more on the federal law?  I wasn’t even aware that anything had changed at that level.  I, too, had been a user of pseudoephedrine for sinus headaches and when Texas & Oklahoma effected there law change a while back I found it difficult locating the products (and internet sites would not ship to TX or OK either).  One interesting thing I learned was that the law apparently applied only to capsules, caplets or anything that could be ground.  It never applied to the liquid gel which a pharmacist at Sam’s clued me in on and I started buying those.  Does the Fed law now restrict all forms based on dosage?

  3. Here’s a link to a PDF from a pharmacist group that summarizes the rules.

    Interestingly, they say that state law, if more stringent, still applies.  So I’m wondering how long they’ll be able to continue doing what they’re doing.

  4. Had Enough.... says:

    The sad thing about all of this is that I am half tempted to buy the Mexican pseudoephedrine from the local drug dealer than try to deal with this BS…  Attention all DEA folk: I am serious.

    My doctor already knows I am taking this stuff, we discuss it relative to my blood pressure and we both agree that the “replacement” stuff is actually worse for me.  I would get a prescription if that would be enough but….

    I can get NARCOTICS with a script and a copay—literally nothing more than this—and yet they want to strip search me for pseudoephedrine????

    I am opposed to illegal drugs but this is Bullshit…