Life for Texas Dad in Fatal Rape of Baby

Sometimes I despair for the human race.  Truly there are some people so evil they ought not be allowed to live.

Life for Texas Dad in Fatal Rape of Baby

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  1. Brandi says:

    I posted once about wanting to move planets a while back. I honestly can NOT successfully coexist with these vermin on this planet for much longer. “Life” is not long enough for this guy. I am *so* pro-kill’em.

    My persuasive project in debate for my senior project in high school was called “Nuke Em ’93 – Why Death Penalty Cases Should Be Fast-Tracked for Faster Executions.”

    I am definitely not on Amnesty International’s friend list on Facebook. I once told a death penalty protester in college we should use their cause’s donation funds for the costs of keeping these dregs of humanity alive in prison instead of tax dollars. I think that altercation got physical. Peaceful, my ass. Ha!