Irregularly Folded Feminine Undergarments

I occasionally get forwarded emails about things that just aren’t so (imagine that!).  The latest was one that said you should refuse acceptance of the new $1 Presidential coin because it omitted the phrase “In God We Trust.” 

It turns out that a few seconds of research (i.e. looking at the U.S. Mint’s website) would show this to be untrue.

Instead of being on the front or back, they’ve “incused” the phrase on the edge.  I suppose, in fairness, I should mention that some coins were initially released without the lettering on the edges.  But this was simply the result of a mistake, not some sinister conspiracy to remove God from the United States.

Of course, there are other valid reasons to not want a dollar coin.  I don’t know about this new coin, since I haven’t held one, but it will have to be significantly different from the old dollar coin (which was easily mistaken for a quarter by feel) before I’d accept it.  And I don’t particularly like having a ton of change in my pocket.  Dollar bills are convenient and light in weight.  And I don’t know if it’s just me, but the George Washington coin is kind of creepy.  smirk

Anyhow, the whole “In God We Trust” non-issue is definitely no reason to get your panties in a wad.


  1. Andrien Wang says:

    From the link:

    Update: With the passage of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2008, Congress reversed its previous specifications and instructed the U.S. Mint [to] move the “In God We Trust” motto from the edge to the front or back of the presidential $1 coins “as soon as is practicable.”  This change will not take place until the ninth coin in the series is issued in 2009.

  2. Hmm… 

    I guess that means the panty wadding had an effect.  smirk

  3. Monty Snow says:

    You’re right about the George Washington.  Looks like the zombie version.  It’s good they’re moving IGWT to one of the coin faces.  It was so hard having to walk round and round a coin in order to read the edge. 

    I don’t mind dollar bills except they are too long.  They should be half the size (square) and a little bit stiff so you don’t have to fold them and you can carry them like a deck of cards in your shirt pocket instead of digging into your wallet.  This especially annoying at drive-thru windows, and even more annoying for me than most people, because an incident on Bourbon Street a few years ago convinced me I should carry the wallet in my front pocket where it is harder to pick.  Front jeans pockets are not designed for easy retrieval under the best of circumstances, and being strapped in a seatbelt is certainly one of the worst.

    You could use them as coasters and leave your coasters as a tip, unless the service was bad, in which case you could dry them on the bartender’s apron and stick them back in your shirt pocket, all the while displaying your most indignant frown, you know, as a warning for next time. This might not work at biker bars.

    You can’t use a dollar coin for a coaster except for shots, so I agree, it’s pretty useless.