Insurance Wrangling

My neighbor across the street had his truck smashed in his driveway by a drunk driver at the end of November.  I just noticed that he got a new truck yesterday. 

The next time I see him I’m going to have to ask if he was getting jerked around by the insurance company.  It seems like a long time to have to wait to get things settled.  Although he was lucky in that the truck was still driveable (after yanking out the fender a bit and replacing the wheel, which got bent), so perhaps he was able to hold out until he got a better settlement.

Update.  Just talked to him and found that he’s had to eat all the costs, since the drunk driver didn’t have insurance.  Although he’s promised to pay, he hasn’t done so yet.  So my neighbor decided to just buy a new truck, rather than spending any more money on the old one.  Although he was driving it around, he said that the frame was bent, so it would have been very expensive to fix.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, the young drunk was arrested again just last week right in front of his house (which is at the end of our block).  This was his third arrest for DWI.


  1. Kevin White says:

    Good grief!

  2. Tell me about it.  I’d be mightily pissed if it was me, as I’d likely have to file on my own insurance to pay for vehicle repairs.  Which could potentially lead to higher premiums.

    The sheer irresponsibility of it all really galls me.  It seems to me that anyone who causes any damage and has multiple DWI arrests should spend some serious time in jail.  But I’d bet that this guy will end up with probation (if he gets any time at all).

    This guy is now driving his mother’s car (a big old Caprice) and he has a nasty habit of speeding up our street.  He’s a menace.