Inexpensive .243

Sometimes things happen with spooky synchronicity.  Someone emailed me via my gun show page contact form asking about a “new or used 243 (combo, youth or adult)” for a Christmas present at the lowest price possible.

Now this is a difficult question to answer, as there are many possible rifle models that meet her first criteria (.243, combo, youth, adult).  But price is another matter.  Not being that familiar with prices for .243 rifles, I consulted GunBroker and some other sites to get a feel for MSRP and average selling prices.

What got my attention, though, was that this came right after I’d been looking at this morning’s Cabela’s circular, which just happened to have a Savage 11FYXP3 Youth Combo in .243 for $409.99.  (Note that the Cabela’s ad shows it as a 111FYXP3, but that it doesn’t appear on Savage’s site.  From what I can see, this may have been a typo on the part of Cabela’s, as the ones that start with “111” appear to be long action, which doesn’t include the .243, while the “11” models are short action and include .243.)

I don’t know what kind of scope that is, but for a .243 with Accutrigger, this seems like a decent price (the base 11F model without a scope lists for $509 and seems to hover around $400 in the market).  Yeah, it’s got a synthetic stock, but that’s to be expected at this price point. 

Also worth noting, given my recent post about youth rifles is a CZ Scout on sale for $199.99.

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