Improving The Tone?

So… some psycho nutbag shoots a Congresswoman in Tucson and the shell casings haven’t even hit the ground by the time the usual liberal suspects come out of the woodwork to inform us that it was caused by all that nasty right-wing hate-laden eliminationist rhetoric and that we need to “tone it down.”  Way to wait for the facts, there, Sparky!

If you really want to improve the tone of politics, perhaps the first thing you can do is avoid dancing in the blood of the injured and killed to score a political point.

I wonder if I should bother even hoping for an apology from all who blamed the Tucson attack on ‘right wingers,’ ‘tea partiers,’ and Sarah Palin?

I won’t be holding my breath on that one.


  1. keller says:

    Obviously you weren’t watching Fox News, who was basically saying that the political rhetoric and tone needed to come down.

  2. Not sure why I should care what Fox News says. I don’t rely on them to form my opinions. Actually, I’ve found them a bit liberal for my tastes.

  3. Phelps says:

    Or the ones who are currently wishing an assassination on Sarah Palin? As in, continuing to do so all day today?