I Guess I’m With Fred

Via Crystal I was pointed to an interesting 2008 presidential candidate calculator.  I’ve liked Fred Thompson since it appeared like he was going to run.  Even so, though, I was a bit surprised by this result:

I suspect, that like all such simplistic measures, that the way the questions are weighted leads to inaccuracies.  I also couldn’t help but notice that there were two gun control questions.  The first one, about “background checks” for gun purchases had me curious, since we already have them.  Perhaps the person who created the study has been listening to the PSH after Virginia Tech and doesn’t know how these things work?  Anyhow, I was surprised that the server didn’t melt when I chose “Yes” to support for gay marriage and “No” for gun control (unfortunately there wasn’t a “Hell, NO” option), socialized medicine, and other government meddling.  I’m fairly certain that Fred doesn’t support gay marriage, although he’s intellectually honest enough to try to keep the federal government out of it. 

Additional rankings are shown in the extended entry.  It showed that my worst match was John Edwards at 10.87%.  Given my CDS, I was also a bit surprised to find that I had a 19.57% match with the Hildabeast.  Crikey!  I’d have expected zero.  Anyhow, it doesn’t really matter, because there is a zero-percent probability that I would vote for her. 


  1. Phelps says:

    Yup, Fred!‘s a pretty good federalist.  Doesn’t think gay marriage is a good idea, doesn’t think the Fed have any authority to prohibit it.  (Pretty much my position on recreational drugs, prostitution, and a whole bunch of other moral issues too.)

  2. markshere2 says:

    I was for Fred, but Duncan Hunter caught my ear last week.

    Haven’t found an issue on which we dis-agree.

    Seems a lot more sensible then the Mitt/Rudy/ J Mccain crowd.

    If Fred doesn’t start making some good noises – I’m moving my loyalties