Herpetological Visitations

The first time this creature visited me, I was standing in the kitchen with the lights off and I saw something dart across the window from the corner of my eye.  At first I thought perhaps I’d been watching too many episodes of Ghost Hunters, but then it came back and I realized it was some sort of salamander. 

Now I’m used to it hanging out on my kitchen window or sometimes the bathroom window.  It shows up just about every night now.  As long as it remains outside, it’s a welcome visitor.  If it comes inside, all bets are off. 

( Yes, the outside of that window is dirty, although the 4x zoom and flash make it appear worse that it really is.  Anybody know a good window cleaning service?  ‘Cause I don’t do windows.  )


  1. Cinomed says:

    That is a Mederteratian Gecko, they are everywhere here in Texas, and they are some of my cats favorite toys.

  2. Ah ha!  Now I know what it is.  I’ve always called them salamanders, since that’s what I’d heard them called.

    I know that if you swat one with a broom in your garage it will jettison its tail, which will lay around twitching for a while.  It’s a good strategy for being hunted by cats or other small mammals, but not so good against humans…