Fraidy Dog

I learned on Sunday night that Boots is afraid of thunderstorms.  I’ve known dogs before that were afraid of thunder, but her reaction was the worst that I’ve seen.  She was trembling and her heart was racing.  It also left her a little out of sorts the next day (she didn’t eat in the morning and she slept most of the day).  She recovered today and was more energetic than usual.

I sense a difficult night ahead as the local forecast is calling for thunderstorms late tonight and tomorrow.  She’s really going to hate April and May around here…


  1. Mr. Bruce says:

    Been reading your blog for a while, via Kim duToit. (All hail!)

    Re Boots being scared of thunderstorms, might want to check with your vet about doggie tranquilizers. Friend of mine had the same problem with her large (75 pound plus) dog, and used tranks for years to keep the dog calm.

  2. Mr. Bruce,

    Thanks for the tip.  If it gets really bad, I may have to do that.  But first I’m going to look into whether there are any behavior modification/training alternatives.