Evolution Of Stupidity

I’ve been using the Scrubbing Bubbles automatic shower cleaner for a while.  While it seems a bit expensive, it also seems to help keep things cleaner, which is a plus considering my usual cleaning habits (I employ a service to come in every two weeks, otherwise nothing would get done).

I couldn’t help but notice over the past few months how the warning label on the refill bottles has changed.  Initially, all of the instructions and warnings were on the back side of the front label, which meant you had to read them through the bottle.  A couple of months ago they added a fairly plain printed label to the other side (the one you end up staring at as you shower) that included information about not replacing the batteries when the unit was still wet.

It’s the last iteration of the label that really got my attention, though.  It’s very colorful and matches their overall branding strategy (it has their logo, etc).  But what really stood out to me was this particular warning:  Not a body wash.

I’d really love to know the back story behind that one.  What kind of doofus uses a shower cleaner as a body wash?

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  1. Monty Snow says:

    LOL!!  The ones that squirm when they walk maybe. LOL