Election 2006: Due Diligence

It’s a non-trivial exercise, but I try to go through the ballot ahead of time and at least take a look at the candidates’ positions via their websites, if available. We’ve got a ton of offices that you don’t hear anything about until election time and I can’t really keep up with all of them, so it helps to refresh my memory just before going to vote.

The following list is based on the Tarrant county “generic” Sample Ballot (PDF), customized for my own districts and leaving out all uncontested races.

My method for finding websites was to enter the candidate’s name in Google and scan the first page for a result. If nothing looked likely (i.e. the candidate has a very common name), I added the title of the office being sought to the query and tried again. For incumbents without a campaign page I linked to their “official” bio, if one was available.

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  1. Doug says:

    Great Job!!