Cutting the cord

I’m thinking about doing away with my FiOS TV subscription.  I only watch about three shows these days, one of which is available over the air with the other two available on Amazon Instant Video for $1.99 per episode.  It’s just not worth it to me to pay $90/month for just a few shows.  I would only keep the most basic minimal channel lineup (basically the OTA channels that Verizon puts on the wire in unencrypted QAM) so that I can get the local news (I don’t want to mess with an external antenna).

If anyone has done this, I’d be curious to know the results and how satisfied you’ve been using Netflix, Amazon, and or Hulu.


  1. Brandi says:

    Man- I barely read this post, so I apologize for going off topic so quickly.

    You are my effing hero. I am going to have to skip trace you somehow and send you frigging Mavs/Rangers/Cowboys tickets every damn day. The entry that you did on that crash in Roanoke a long time ago – awesome alone. BUT the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING act you committed was the timing you had when you chose to block any further comments. When the father of the innocent victims of the crash revealed the toxicology results. That gave me CHILLS. YOU allowed him to forever hold on to that ONE last word. You are noble for that. My BP just shot up at least 20mm/Hg reading that last line of that entry. I find it horrid and unbelievably tragic of the denial of that magnitude when the memorial site for that woman – that I am sure was an extremely caring woman that many people miss on a daily basis – but to have her drinking in 90% of them – not cool. Her obit mentioned she was a wine connoisseur.

    Again – REALLY?

    Leave that out of the description; crop the drinks out of the pictures. As hard as it must be to write a memorial for someone, don’t forget the person chose to drink, chose to drive, which means chose to kill themselves and two people and changed countless others lives forever – but as difficult as that must have been, better judgement and grace toward Doug and Kristina should have been executed. I just moved to Westlake and had a head on collision on December 30 that I should not have lived through – did not involve DUI or anything, but still hit close to home. Accountability is one of the hardest lessons for us to learn. Being accountable though, would have had that woman people so dearly miss, she would have chosen to stay at the restaurant and chosen to take a cab. There would be a little girl starting kindergarten this year and a doting father looking on. Tragic. Thank you for your bluntness. Thank you for your candor. Thank you for the truth. You can delete this comment, as it has NOTHING to do with FiOS. I hate Verizon. I live by the Apple TV. Love it. What it doesn’t have, I download. If you hack the Apple TV, it plays all formats, so no conversion needed. Not that I download anything – or even know what hack means. I don’t even own a computer, officer. Hehe. Sidenote: Get your PMCert. It is a great addition to your resume. If you need any additional references, let me know. I am in awe of your intelligence, wit and rhetoric, and can infer a great number of qualities based on such. It would be an honor to write one on your behalf. Best of luck, Brandi

    I also added a proverbial “shrine” to you in the form of a posting to my blog. You probably will get some traffic, LOL. And they are people JUST like me. 🙂 Yay for you, eh?

  2. Wow. I’m not sure what to say. But onto the blogroll you go for further observation. 🙂

    Nice mix, by the way. I’m going to revisit it when I get off this tablet and onto a PC with proper speakers.