Cold White Stuff

I awoke this morning to discover that we’d gotten a bit more snow than was originally predicted.  Here’s a view down my street to the South around 7:15 this morning.

View up the street

By 10:45, several people had been outside making snowmen.

Snowman across the street

Snowman on the next block

Boots also seemed to enjoy the snow quite a bit.

Boots in the snow.

My new camera also does MPEG video, so I was able to get a short movie of her frolicking (approximately 1 minute, DivX encoded, 4.8MB download).  I had to compress the video with DivX to make it manageable, since the original was 36MB.  Windows Media should have no trouble playing the DivX video, although you’ll have to download the free DivX codec (the free download link is just below the chart comparing the pay versions).  If you have iTunes or the QuickTime brower plugin, though, it can interfere by taking over the file association.

Update:  I just realized that it might be a bit absurd to download a 5MB codec for a 4.8MB video.  I was able to get the size down to 2.8MB by creating a version of the video using Windows Movie Maker.


  1. Mrs. du Toit says:

    Your dog acted much like ours.  Similar to a cartoon character running around on clouds. 

    She didn’t connect the cold/wet to the white, but she had a great time frolicking, taking advantage of the slopes it created so her silly little body could bounce over decks and stairs she normally can’t reach.

  2. Kevin White says:

    Nice video. smile

    My parents own a very small chihuahua (imagine a large rat and you have an idea of her size, it’s really quite extraordinary), and from what I heard, she had quite a time with the blanket of white. She seemed to be a little angry at my father for putting the snow there, as she kept giving him accusatory glances.