Bitter points us to these doofuses who seem to be missing a few eggs from their coop.

It seems they’re up in arms about the treatment of chickens.  I’ve always preferred my chickens treated with breading and fried…  What?  They didn’t mean preparation?  Oh…

Anyhow, this bit was pretty funny:

Chickens are cheerful, intelligent birds. The mother hen tenderly cares for her chicks, and roosters protect their families and flocks.

Obviously, these people have never actually been around a chicken.  Chickens are stupid, disgusting birds that would just as soon eat poo as anything else.  I don’t often eat chicken, but I may have to make an exception on Wednesday, just to piss off these wankers.

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  1. Outlaw3 says:

    Fried chicken would be good today.  Too bad it’s only 9 am here.

    Chicken, not just for lunch any more.