Burning My Ass Off Here, Boss

I was out at the yearly KellerFEST this weekend as part of our local CERT.  We were there to staff the aid station, which involved (very) minor first aid, answering a lot of questions, and providing water for the firemen, police, and police explorers.

I was there on Friday afternoon and into the night, most of the day Saturday, and this afternoon.  After all that sun exposure I’m now a crispy critter.  So much for “sweatproof” sunscreen…  Or I guess it isn’t sweatproof for me.  It certainly didn’t stick, as my red nose can attest.  But then I probably drank about 5 liters of water, almost all of which came back out as sweat (or so it seems).  When we finally packed up and left this afternoon at 5:45pm, it was 101°F according to the thermometer in my truck.  I’m surprised that no one came down with heatstroke during the event (including me!).

It certainly helped that we had some misters for the aid station.  They proved to be very popular with all of the people passing through, and they certainly helped us. 

However, I think these two were our most interesting “customers” of the day:

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