Somebody definitely forgot to pay the heating bill for this part of Texas.  It’s been sleeting, snowing and generally disagreeable just about all day.  We don’t know how to handle this crap here in Texas, so I guess I’ll just stay inside and work from home until this mess melts away.

I may share my pictures from this afternoon as soon as I get them developed (I was using a disposable camera that I keep in the truck “just in case”, rather than my digital).  I got a pretty good shot of some cows huddled under a tree looking miserable and covered with sleet and snow.  Or at least I hope I got a good picture.  I shot it one-handed while driving (don’t worry, we weren’t going that fast, the drivers in front of me wouldn’t go over 20 mph 🙁 ).

Dang, there goes the sleet again (and just to liven things up I’ve been hearing thunder in the distance).

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