Bad Form

Despite the Do Not Call registry, I’ve noticed a significant rise in telemarketing calls of late.  I’m also seeing spoofed Caller ID info and lots of drive-by robo-calls.  Because of all this it’s reached the point where I rarely answer the phone anymore.  If I don’t recognize the number I generally don’t answer. 

However, for a subset of the more annoyingly persistent callers, I sometimes answer just to see who the heck they are and to tell them to get lost.  Today’s contestant was someone who had been calling two to three times a day for the past three or four days with obviously faked caller ID data (it showed “SUN LOAN COMPAN” 1-999-999-9999).  So imagine my surprise when it turned out to be a call from the McCain campaign!

I told the caller that it looks bad for the campaign to be using fraudulent caller ID data and the lady got kind of defensive and wanted to argue about it.  Rather than argue I just told her that while I supported the campaign (hell, I just gave money this morning!) she should put me on the do not call list.

Truly bad form all around.

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