Bad Dog

Just when I think my dog has settled down into a routine she goes and does something exceedingly stupid (and dangerous this time).  On our daily trips to the park I usually roll down the windows to let her stick her head out and get some air.  I’ve never worried about her trying to jump out, since she never tried it when she saw a squirrel or another dog (when she’s out of the truck it’s nearly impossible to restrain her from chasing squirrels).  But today she practically launched herself out of the window just after I’d turned into the park.  Fortunately we were only going about 5 MPH, but the bad thing was that she ran in FRONT of the truck and headed for the grass.  I got out and yelled at her to get back and she rather sheepishly came back and jumped into the back seat.  Needless to say I didn’t take her for a walk after that.  Also, she’ll never get to ride with the windows down again, either. 

Later this evening I realized that somehow during her fifteen seconds of freedom she managed to lose the tag on her collar that has my address and phone number.  I had a sinking feeling when I realized that if she’d gotten away that there would have been no way for anyone to identify her or get in touch with me.  I think it may be time to have her chipped.

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