An Arrogant Quickie

A quick note to police and other public servants.  Unless you’re currently serving in the military, you may not call me a civilian.  If I hear this word out of your mouths, I know immediately that you are not to be trusted.


  1. Charles E. Fuller Jr. says:

    Might I point out that two of your recent posts basically describe the same problem?
      In one brief post you mention the problem of the arrogance of government officials calling everybody who is not one of them a “civilian.”
      In another you mention a cop hauling out the same old, tired, garnage recommendation that if you are the victim of a home invasion robbery, you should just submit and give them what they want.
      “Civilians” are a stupid and inferior form of life and even well armed should not fight back but just die.
      Citizens are now “civilians” because they are seen as something apart and definitely inferior to those wearing the badge. More, cops such as the one you describe absolutely HATE the idea of a citizen defending themself for a couple of really horrible reasons.
      One reason is that if people were defending themselves, there would be less need for bloated para-military police forces.
      The second reason is because of deep jealousy. Ever see the film Baron Munchausen? In one scene a hero is presented to a bunch of politicals. His heroic acts are described. The politicals order him executed.
      A lot of people in power in America feel the same way. The absolutely HATE people defending themselves.
      Interestingly there has been some small progress in this area. At least the feminists seem to have stopped cops from telling women to “just spread your legs.” I recall well 30 years ago when I was at UCLA the “safety lecture” from one of the Unicops telling students just that. I also recall a feminist quite strongly asking him if there were really any statistical studies showing that submission resulted in a higher survival rate. She then went on to basically announce that the “spread your legs” advice was really just a reflection of the cop attitude for what women should be – submissive – and had noting to do with actual survival tactics.
      She was right of course.
      It’s just damned distressing to see the same old arrogant crap being given out today.
      As a final note I think that this “civilians” crap is one area where we should use one of the tactics of the left. I refer to the tactic of “politically correct” language. They influence people’s opinions by Orwellian tactics, trying to make opinions and ideas they oppose impossible by defining the language that expresses those ideas as offensive.
      Ok, so we define “civilian” as offensive as applied to us. Heck, they mean it offensive, so we should definitely take offense.
      Charles Fuller

  2. Charles,

    That’s a good point as I hadn’t really given much thought to the linkage lately.

    I had written a long time ago about the militarization of the police and their drift from peace officers to “law enforcement officers.”  As part of that drift I think they started seeing themselves as somehow above and apart from the citizenry.  Calling people “civilians” is yet another way to help reinforce that divide.