A More Suitable Home

I just learned that the Great Western Gun Show has moved from California (spit) to Fair Park in Dallas.  The show had run into some problems with the anti-gun nitwits in Los Angeles county.  Although the show’s promoters had won the court case and gotten a damage award against the county, the county made it clear that they would continue to harass the show in an effort to drive it out of business. 

LA county’s stupidity is our gain.  The promoter’s plan is to start with a smaller show and work back up to their previous level.  They plan to have 2500 tables at this show (where they had 5000 previously).  Even so, with 2500 tables I suspect that I’d succumb to MEGO† syndrome long before I saw everything

The show will be held Friday, November 7, 2003 through Sunday, November 9, 2003 (unlike the regular shows around here, they’ll be open all day Friday). 

I’ve updated my gun show page to include this show and a link to their site.

†MEGO=Mine Eyes Glazeth Over


  1. Kim du Toit says:

    You say “MEGO” like this is a BAD thing…

    I’ve put it in the calendar already. See you there (or maybe not, given its size).

    California’s loss, our gain.

  2. The only downside to MEGO is that I might miss a good bargain, but at least it’s for a good reason (as opposed to my normal space cadet trances)…

    I printed their flier for some of the gun collectors at work.  Since they will open from noon until 7:00 pm on Friday I’m thinking about taking a half-day of vacation that Friday so I can (hopefully) beat the crowds (at least that strategy worked for the auto show).

    Sorry, Bitter, but I guess you’ll be stuck in Massachusetts during November.  Maybe you can arrange a trip if you tell your boss you’re doing research.  smile

  3. Chad Seger says:

    I just came across this discussion. I am glad people seem to be so excited about the show. Thanks for talking us up Aubrey. If you never got to visit us in California, you are in for a treat! We will still have live entertainment and Sunday will see the grand return of our world famous costume contest. A huge number of the top-of-the-line exhibitors who were staples of the Great Western will be joining us once again. People are coming in from New York, California, Ohio, Massachussetts, France, Germany, England, and Austrailia, just to name a few!

    Be sure to shoot me any email if you have any questions about the show.

    See you there!

    Chad Seger
    Show Manager