March 19, 2004

Getting A Voice

For the first couple of hours after I got back I had to have gauze pads in my mouth and limit my speech to avoid disrupting the sutures. The gauze pads made it hard to speak anyway.

Given my penchant for technological solutions, a quick bit of Googling found this demo page for AT&T's Natural Voices product. It came in handy today. I think I'll keep the link around in case of a laryngitis attack. It's tempting to buy one of the products that uses Natural Voices, but it doesn't seem cost-effective for something I'd use only on occasion. I've always been somewhat ambivalent about using demo software for "production" use and not purchasing the full product, though.

Yes, I could have just used a pad and a pen, but I type much faster than I write. Not to mention that my handwriting varies from illegible to hieroglyphic unless I try really hard (which is slow), in which case it's just messy. Back in elementary school when handwriting used to be an area where you got graded, that was often the only thing that kept me off the honor roll. I usually got all A's, except for the C's and D's in handwriting. Not that I'm bitter about that or anything...

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