December 16, 2002

The Tower Of Power

This post at InstaPundit took me to Gizmodo, who in turn linked to Pocket Calculator Show, who happened to have a boombox museum.

Back in my high school days I used to be the obnoxious guy at the back of the band bus with one of these:

Big Magnavox Boombox
...picture of a Magnavox D8443 aka the "Spatial Stereo Power Player." This was probably the most ambitious release of Maganavox ever, featuring 5 Speakers, 3 Amps, SW tuning, Mic, Line In/Out via RCA jacks and a "Stereo" control which goes from Mono to Spatial. The system is quite large: 13" high, nearly 2 feet in length.
Did I mention that it was quite loud? And that I played Run-DMC and L.L. Cool J and anything else that wasn't "mainstream" at the time? Heh.

Posted by Aubrey at December 16, 2002 05:00 PM

Hey Aubrey I have one of these too. Do you have any idea where to get these fixed, or where one would look for parts for this model.

Posted by: Joe Geruntino at January 29, 2003 09:02 AM
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